Member Spotlights

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Jasmina Quach

KUOKO / Songwriterin, Sängerin, Produzentin

Angela Gobelin

NDR Info Nachtclub / Ukulele Sistahs Of Hamburg / Redakteurin/Moderatorin/Freizeitmusikerin/Ukulelehrerin

Selina Mersdorf

All Artists Agency GmbH / Project Manager Booking

Juliette Leparree

ICE Services / Copyright Officer

Beatrice Adasz

maze UG / Deputy Managing Director

Isabel Roudsarabi

Höme - Für Festivals / Co-Founder, Managing Editor, Project Manager, Booker

Lisa Flenner

BTA Live / Cardinal Sessions Festival / Projectmanagement / Production / Tour & Festival Advancing / Promoter / Festival Booking /Accounting

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