Member Spotlights

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Josie Paulus

Josie Paulus & Band / Singer / Composer / Performing Artist

Julia Nagele

Jules / Singer, Songwriter, Bandleader, Solo, and Band

Laura Bohn

Dock 7 Records & Management / Artist Management

Ala Cya

Ala Cya / Singer Songwriter / Live Performer

Carmen Westermeier

free lance / dj, musician, lecturer

Katrin Ebbert

w o l k e / bass-guitar, singer

Hannah Jaha Sillah

Music, Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Songwriting Coach, Music Therapist, Studiomusician, Livemusician, Backingsinger / Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Music Therapist, Songwriting Coach, Backingsinger, Studiomusician, Livemusician

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