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Lisa Hilpert

sonokraft / Frau Korte / Label Management, Marketing, Booking, Artist Care, Coaching

Florentine Faber

Choirleading / + Vocalcoach, Singer (Soprano)

Vivian Hoyer

Neue Deutsche Wahrheit / lyricist, singer, performer, concepter, stylist

Heidi Heidelberg

Heidi Heidelberg / Vocalist /guitarist /composer

Helen Jahn

Helen Jahn / singer songwriter vocalcoach

Franziska Plueckhan

Sissip / Weird Birdy Records / Artist / Label Owner

Stephanie Müller

beißpony / A Duet Of Amplified Sewing Machines / OK DECAY / Komponistin / Percussionistin / Songwriterin / Sängerin / Performerin / Kostüm- & Bühnenbildnerin / Organisatorin

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