Member Spotlights

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Sarah Eckerlein

Freelance / Project-/ Productmanagement / Marketing / PR

Silvana Mehnert

Miss Rockester / Singer/ Songwriter


Ruhr Games, Kulturprogramm / Projektmanagerin

Cornelia Borgard

Peter Rieger Konzertagentur GmbH & Co. KG / Projektleitung

Martina Zurhold

Digital strategy & communication / Free consultant

Christin Neddens

Christin Neddens' Noise // Operation Grand Slam - the cinematic sound orchestra / Drummer & Composer

Sarah Rimkus

Music Supervisor / Music Supervisor

Friede Merz

Friede Merz / Sängerin / Gitarristin / Songwriterin / Arrangement / Produzentin / Managerin / Bookerin

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