Member Spotlights

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Inga Rossbach

FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH / Festival Production

Clara Brauer

Multi-instrumental / Schauspielerin / Luftakrobatin / E-Gitarre / Vocals / Violine / Piano

Carmen Westermeier

free lance / dj, musician, lecturer

Ina Schulz

Schubert Music Agency GmbH & Unique Records / Head Of International Product Management & Labelhead Unique Records


Veronica Maximova / Music Producer

Christiane Stephan

Photographer / DJ / Party Organizer / Hugs and Kisses Magazine / Schlagzeugerin / DJ / Fotografin

Celina Frik

Celina Bostic / Lagerfeuer Records / German Singer-Songwriter / Labelchefin / Künstlerin

Desi Benkenstein

benkenstein management / unterwegs booking & production / Tourneemanagement, Eventmanagement, Booking, Production, Artist Management

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