Save The Date: Women Making Noise von 18. bis 20. Dezember 2020

Online Festival: Interference Fest 

 Women Making Noise 2020 wird online von 18. bis 20. Dezember stattfinden! Seid dabei! Infotext der Veranstaltung hier auf englisch: 

Interference Fest: Women Making Noise 2020 will be taking place online December 18th, 19th + 20th. The festival seeks to incorporate the works of visionary artists, stemming from a variety of interdisciplinary backgrounds.
We encourage individuals of all backgrounds; regardless of class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability or age to participate in the festival as an effort to solve the lack of representation and systemic prejudice inherent in the arts, today.

The festival not only emphasizes the work of practicing regional artists, but embraces all forms of creative expression from artists across the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East etc. Cross-cultural exchanges serve as a valuable educational tool in the development of artistic innovation and expansion of an individual‘s vocabulary, in any given medium.

Over the past year, the unprecedented influx of racial and gender-based violence, during an ever-worsening health crisis, have become serious areas of concern for us; we seek to support and protect the valuable members of creative communities by providing them with the space and opportunity to maneuver self-expression, without limitation. It takes courage and resilience to grow one’s practice, therefore the festival’s role, moving forward, will be to provide an annual platform (digital) for creatives to exhibit their newest multimedia projects.
We hope to make the transition back into organizing live performances, once public safety measures are fully mandated and it is completely safe for all members of our community, to gather in group settings.
The three main acts on the festival this year are Angel Bat Dawid + Sistazz Of Tha Nitty Gritty, multimedia artist, Yuliya Lanina from Austin, TX and field recording researchers Amanda Gutierrez + N.W. Long.
The themes of this year’s festival are embodied in the work of our three main headlining acts: Race, gender, dealing trauma and reclaiming social spaces.
Angel Bat Dawid is a spiritual jazz artist who explores subjects such as Black identity, community, the family unit and hope in the 21st Century through her music. She will be performing in her newest all- female trio, featuring musicians, Anaiet and Brooklyn Skye Scott. 
Multimedia artist Yuliya Lanina’s work focuses upon issues of trauma, loss, physical pain and pandemic life through a kaleidoscopic collision of video, performance, painting, sculpture, movement and music.
 Amanda Gutierrez and N. W. Long are field recording artists who mentor folks by listening to and identifying sounds across low-income and immigrant neighborhoods, in their “soundwalks” series. Sounds evidently tell the story of their surroundings; through acknowledging them and learning about their cause and effect, the artists help empower local communities of people to reclaim spaces, they otherwise wouldn’t feel they had a right to exist in.
These topics will continue to be explored in three different areas of the festival. 
Firstly, in A SONIC INTERFERENCE featuring performances by regional musicians: Sonia Flores, Lily Taylor, Sarah Beames, Parker Allen, Sarah La Puerta, Anisa Boukhlif, Aga Zet, Jana Horn, Rachel Weaver, Rebecca Novak, Raquel Bell, Lisa Cameron, Marisa Pool, Stephanie Demopulos and Sandy Ewen. Secondly, in A VISUAL INTERFERENCE co-curated by U.A.E./ U.S.A. based filmmaker, Anna Kipervaser and featuring experimental films by: Sarah Almubarak, Zaina J. Al Haddad, Dianna Barrie, Emily Chao, Lauren Henschel, Carolina Charry Quintero, Nour Ouayda, Naomi Uman, Kristin Reeves, Ashley Manigo and Stephanie Barber. Thirdly, A SELF-CARE INTERFERENCE will be a workshop series, renewing our belief in the body as a powerful coping mechanism during times of stress, loss, alienation and mental/physical illness, conducted by Sarah Beames, Lisa Cameron and XenOxzia Hypoxia.
Interference Fest: Women Making Noise 2020
Instagram: antumbrae_atx
Facebook: Interference Fest: Women Making Noise 2020

Angel Bat Dawid + Sistazz of tha Nitty Gritty
Sonia Flores
Sandy Ewen
Sarah La Puerta
Sarah Ruth
Yuliya Lanina
Lily Taylor
Anisa Boukhlif
Rebecca Novak
Amanda Gutierrez + N.W. Long
Blendways aka Rachel Weaver
Leafblower aka Raquel Bell
Jana Horn
Aga Zet

Curated by Anna Kipervaser and Nayantara Bhattacharya
Work by filmmakers: Sarah Almubarak, Zaina J. Al Haddad, Dianna Barrie, Emily Chao, Lauren Henschel, Carolina Charry Quintero, Nour Ouayda, Naomi Uman, Kristin Reeves, Ashley Manigo and Stephanie Barber. 
Workshops: Yoga, massage + chakra/aura healing techniques in quarantine with Sarah Beames, Lisa Cameron + XenOxzia Hypoxia.
This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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