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Johanna Amelie

Johanna Amelie (she/her)

Artist | Producer | Co-Founder V-Breakfast Berlin

"I wish to create a connection to others through music“ is the motto of Berlin-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Johanna Amelie. After the release of her debut EP "Cloud in a Room" (2014) and after having played 300 shows worldwide, Johanna Amelie's new album "Beginnings" (brillJant sounds / The Orchard) will be out on September 25th. "All songs circle around the magic of beginnings that follows a phase in life that’s been full of endings" she says. The songs sound spherical, playful, and uplifting: listeners get to hear synthesizers, electric guitars, pianos, violins and an omnichord. Johanna Amelie develops her musicianship with every new release. Her album „Distance“ (2018) attracted the attention of the Uk based label "Zero Hours Records“ which is run by producer Andy Chatterley. Her "One Moon" EP (2019) was well received in England, Robert Elms of Radio BBC London played the song "Bridge" for weeks on his show. Johanna Amelie is a solo artist but she plays in various bands of fellow musicians. "I am part of a scene," she says. Amelie organizes the monthly V-Breakfast with a group of fours friends, a meeting that enables the exchange of female * artists in the Berlin music scene.

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