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Kaleidoscope of Colours
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Kaleidoscope Songs
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Susanne Geisler is a Berlin based neo-classical composer and songwriter. 

After many years of coordinating film projects for the renowned film composer Max Richter (including The Leftovers - Season 1, 2015, Testament of Youth, 2015), she is currently concentrating on building up her newly founded EDITION B+, which she co-founded with German producer Maxi Menot and which specifically aims to help female songwriters gain more visibility and make a wide range of unique and hand-picked songs available for film, TV and advertising. This was followed by a first release Northern Tales in 2019,  the first all female cooperation between the band THE REMAINING PART, the female composers collective Track15 and the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg. 

As a musician with synesthesia she furthermore performs specialized in composing based on colors under the name KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOURS. The melodies of the composer are influenced by some of the greatest contemporary composers and reveal both a mixture of post-minimalist patterns wrapped in warm and intimate sounds and the colourful and mesmerizing sounds of neoimpressionism. 

As co-writer she also regularly appears on several releases of production music for labels like Universal Publishing Production Music, Warner Chappell Production Music as well as the German publisher Klanglobby. 

Susanne is a participant of the 2nd VUT Mentoring Program for women and delegate of the International Reeperbahn Festival 2020. 

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