Zeina Azouqah

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Composer / Singer-Songwriter / Music Notation and Transcription / Audio-Mockup Services


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> 7 years


"zazuka" eponymous album released October 2019
"Huntress" from "Revolvo" OST released November 2019
"Turn Everything" & "Hudna" singles released November 2017
 Produced, written and arranged by Zeina Azouqah

Education and Experience

2003-2019 Freelance Composer, Arranger and Sound Designer

2016-2018 Assistant to composer and orchestrator Max Knoth
(div. projects für Radio FM4Vienna,Warner Bros., Number 9 Films, BBC Films)

2016 Internship Hamburg Musik gGmbH/ Assistant for “Falling Still” by electronic music composer Felix Kubin (editing audio interviews and music samples for electronic music, proofreading scores/parts)

2015 BA Design, G. S. Ohm Technische Hochschule Nürnberg
Major: Film und Animation

2013 Internship, Munich
Creating radio jingles and editing voice recordings

2001 Music studies, York University,Toronto (incomplete)
Major classical piano (Prof. Christina Petrowska-Quilico) and composition (Prof. Bill Westcott)

Selected Filmography

2019 "Cadence of the Valley"
Role: Composer. Co-production: SAE Amman / RFC / I. Jacobi

2019 "Janitou"
Role: Lyricist/Composer. Co-production: Al Jazeera Channel / Kaske Film

2019 "Revolvo"
Role: Lyricist/Composer. Producer: Deutsche Film und Fernseher Akademie Berlin

2017 “Happy Family” 3D Animation
 Role: Film Score Editor. Producer/Director: Holger Tappe.

2017 “Hayat’s Leben”
 Role: Incidental Music Composer. Producer: Deutsche Film und Fernseher Akademie Berlin

2016 “Carved” Stop-motion Short
 Role: Composer / Sound designer Producer: Nektar & Kometen. Funded by FFF Bayern

2016 “Bevor Ida Kam” Medium-length
 Role: Composer. Producer: Köln Kunsthochschule für Medien

2015 “Yet Here’s a Spot”
 Role: Sound Designer. Producer: Columbia University, NY.

2015 “Kuwululu”
 Role: Composer / Sound Designer. Producer: KHM Köln

2014 “Worst Day of My Life”
 Role: Composer /Sound Designer. Producer: Ahmad Samara

2014 “wHole” multiple award-winning stop-motion short
 Role: Composer/Sound Designer. Producer: Technische Hochschule Nürnberg

2012 “Rosalie” Animation Short
 Role: Composer/ Sound Designer. Producer: TH Nürnberg

2009 “Bitter Pineapples” Short
 Role: Composer. Producer: Royal Film Commision, Jordan

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