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Magdalena Ganter
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Sometimes free-spirited comedienne, sometimes exalted diva, sometimes both together. Whether a remote thinker and songwriter, longing lover or a childish sprinkler of joie de vivre - Chanson Noir creator Magdalena Ganter slips into many roles on her first album, released under her own name, but always remains completely herself. Inspired by the chamber orchestral sounds of the twenties in Berlin and in collaboration with producer Tobias Siebert (And The Golden Choir), she succeeds in a carefree but never inexperienced flirtation with the breaks on "Neo Noir": Varieté mixes her with jazz, she sprinkles in a pinch of indie, and spices the whole thing up with atmospheric-percussive sounds to create a mixture that is as wild as it is digestible, over which she pours her witty texts with a voice that alternates between haunting whispers and feathery coloratura.
Ganter can also be heard on the piano. The focus is on the song itself: Thirteen four-minute miniatures revolve around Ganter's life themes of freedom, departure and emancipation, doubt, fear and overcoming them. Almost always part of the party: The ironic wink as on the previous single “Nackt”, whose self-forgetting, amusing first-person narrator knows how to make life exciting, but sometimes also exhausting, for her counterpart by singing: "I'm going to take a shower now , and naked - and just for me ", to leave him in front of the locked bathroom door with his thoughts.
The Debutalbum Neo Noir will be released on the 26th of February 2021.

Magdalena Ganter | Vita

Born and raised in the Black Forest, Magdalena Ganter now lives in Berlin. At the Universität der Künste she studied singing/dance & acting and in 2010 received her diploma with distinction for her one woman performance, “Wädermaidli hän dicki Köpf”. Afterwards, the singing and dancing actress trundled from theaters to vaudeville tents between Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam and Berlin for a few years, always taking part in experimental productions before devoting herself entirely to her composing. 
In 2011 she founded the art pop trio MOCKEMALÖR, with which she has released three albums so far. Concert tours have taken her through the entire German-speaking area, China and Georgia. Magdalena Ganter has also been performing under her own name since 2018. 
The full-blooded performer is in her own element on stage.
Here she gives herself completely to her stories and takes you on a fantastically deep journey. She reminds some of a young Marlene Dietrich or Walesca Gert and has received several awards for her work. She is Grand Prize winner of the “Kleinkunstpreises Baden-Württemberg” 2020, scholarship holder from the Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg, 1st Prize Winner of the “Troubadour Lied- & Chansonwettbewerb” Stuttgart and was supported for her work by the "Initiative Musik" as well as the "German Music Council". Since 2016 Magdalena Ganter has been teaching “Stage Performance and Performance Practice” and “Voice” at the Hochschule der Populären Künste Berlin.

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SCHUTZRAUM - Livemusicvideo
( Livemusikvideo zum Lied SCHUTZRAUM, Trio-Version. Der Track wird auf Magdalena Debütplatte NEO NOIR zu finden sein. VÖ ist der 26.02.2021. )

NACKT -Musicvideo