Franziska Plueckhan

Company / Project:
Sissip / Weird Birdy Records
Artist / Label Owner

Federal State:

Work Experience:
> 7 years

singer for: Astrid North (live) / Mine (studio)
bass for: Astrid North (live) / Clouds Hill Recordings (studio) / Peter Doherty (studio) / Sion Hill (studio)
producer for: Aileen Phoenix

Sissip, Berlin based versatile singer, instrumentalist and producer makes rough edged, electronic infused pop songs. Growing up on different continents, listening to classical music and her mom's oldies collection, Sissip started her music career as a bass player in a punk band, later majored in jazz music and is now sucking up the diversity of Berlin's music scene. She has a special talent for mixing together all those different influences and creating a timeless sound of her very own. Sissip recently released two EPs 'Do It Again' and 'Dance With Me' on her Label 'Weird Birdy Records'.

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arrangement backingvocals band bass beats gesang gitarre keyboard komposition musik songwriting

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