Sabine van Baaren

Company / Project:
Voice to Heart / Améha Chants / Duo Joggerst Van Baaren
Singer / Songwriter / Arranger / Soundhealer | Freelancer


Federal State:
North Rhine-Westphalia

Work Experience:
> 7 years


Solo CDs: Remember who you areVisions and DreamsWhatever ComesAméha Chants, Mother Earth, Nokkos Singalongsongs

Group projects: Playing Games with her sister Mandy and Tato Gomez ( on TV shows - Peter s Pop Show and others.) 1986

Founder and singer of the acapella group VOCALEROS who released 2 CDs & first one in the charts (Nr 69 in 1995) - tours in europe, North sea jazz festival / Aalener jazz tage, leverkusener Jazz Tage,  dusseldorfer jazz Ralley and many more. Choir vocals with and for Jon Lord, Winni Hsin (Tour in Taiwan) and Fury in the slaughterhouse.

Backingvocals for countless projects, on CD, live and TV shows.

Live on tour: Jule Neigel, Pe Werner, Rainhard Fendrich ( received 1994 a platin CD for the Brother CD).

3 x Dirk Bach`Cover me Aids Gala Köln with various TV and musicstars .

On tour with Phil Carmen and choir on 4 CDs, live in Montreux .

On tour with Jon Lord, choir and solo with Sam Brown and Miller Anderson and Frida and the norwegian TRrondheim Soloist orchestra.

Many TV shows with: 
Edo Zanki, Nina Hagen, Tic Tac Toe, Patricia Kaas, Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora, Mario Argandona,  and many more..

CD recordings with:
 Trio Rio (with their world hit: New York, Rio Tokyo), Charly Mariano, Corrie Brokken and Herman van Veen (at the age of 8), Rainhard Fendrich, Miquel Rios, Thomas Anders, Ina Deter, Ralf Engelbrecht, Falco, Fury in the Slaughterhouse,  Robin Meloy Goldsby, Paul Harriman,   Anne Haigis  Gildo Horn, Gitte Haening, Winnie Hsin (mit Vocaleros), Kübert, Andreas Kazulke, Peter Kraus, Kiwini club, Mick Karn, Künstler für Christus, John Lord, Les immer essen, Lea, Billy Meyer, Charlie Mariano, Purple Schulz, Boscoe Rich,  Stephan Scheuss, Sign of soul, Joe Smoke, Ulrich Tukur, Trio Rio, Tequila Tony, Jochen Vogel , Andreas Vollenweider, Mandy van Baaren, Pe Werner, Dana Winner, Sidney Youngblood. 
TV series:  Tinga Tinga Tales.

Composer for Gitte Häening, Anne Haigis, Peter Kraus, and Sabine s own projects and all the songs on her solo CDs.

Born in a music family she sang at the age of 8 for Herman van Veen and startet her professional music career in germany at 23.

She has sang with a various musical styles of musicians, as a choir or solo and is still busy especially solo.

Finally she started the acapella group Vocaleros, TV Shows live, sang many concerts in europe and Tawain and they released 2 CDs.

With her new musical partner Mark Joggerst, she started a duo, in 2004 and they released 4 CDs and play many concerts. They composed Music for a research programm held in austria, for the impact of music on patients. 

Her new CD Améha Chants has been released in Nov 2018 with new modern Mantras to singalong. Her latest project was for the UN Worldwater Day, a global celebration with one of her new Chants: Water we love you.

She also works as a soundhealer with her voice. She is an expert in ivocal improvisation and  known for her beautiful songwriting.

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Water we love you
( UN Worldwater Day Global Event )

Soundhealing - Calling you
( this is a short cut of a soundhealing on my CD "remember who you are". )

Mother Earth
( Mother Earth is a song from our double CD Visions and Dreams. )

Duo Sabine van Baaren / Mark Joggerst
( Wit her musical partner she plays concerts and recorded 4 CDs. )