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Archiv Frau und Musik
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> 7 years


As a feminist musicologist I'm focused on female composers. I'm a freelancer working e.g. for the Archiv Frau und Musik (Archive of Women in Music) in Frankfurt/Main & in the managing board of musica femina münchen e. V. 
Actually I research for the first female student of Arnold Schoenberg, Vilma von Webenau, & write my dissertation about an important inn, the Golden Grape, in Augsburg between 1746 & 1806 as a main place for the development of a classical music culture. 
I have lots of speeches about feminism/herstory in music et al. & e.g. a workshop for wikipedia edit-a-thons for more visibility of women in this dictionary. Sometimes I blog via my homepage or as a guest elsewhere. 

Study of musicology, European ethnology/ethnology, classical archaeology and art history at the University of Augsburg, graduating as Magistra Artium (M. A.), doctoral student, assistant director at the Leopold Mozart International Violin Competition (project coordination, editing, acquisition, artist support, editing, etc.), in the creative team/program planning of musica femina münchen e. V. as a managing board member

teaching experience
First as a student lecturer at the University of Augsburg with my own lecture series on female composers, then as a lecturer at the Women's Academy in Ulm over several semesters and at various cultural centres (Kempten, Memmingen, Vienna, Berlin, etc.) and museums (Munich City Museum, Historical Museum Frankfurt/Main, etc.) as a frequent lecturer, speaker and workshop leader

creative output
Several specialist articles on female composers, e.g. in the magazine "VivaVoce" (Archiv Frau und Musik), in various blog articles, in anthologies (e.g. of the Sophie Drinker Institute), encyclopaedias and first editions of sheet music

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A powerful woman
( One of the Powerful Woman | #WhatIfMM submissions that caught our attention in a big way was a photo that musicologist Susanne Wosnitzka submitted, which depicted not only herself but a pioneering woman conductor and the name of a renowned woman composer. We interviewed her to get some background about her submission, as well as her take on identity, and what she thinks makes a powerful woman. )

The search for the "female" Mozart
( "Susanne Wosnitzka from Augsburg represented the Archive of Women in Music in Frankfurt. Her expedition through the history of music with a focus on female composers was peppered with so many exciting facts that one could not get out of amazement." )

Vilma von Webenau - verwehte Spuren finden
( It's not easy to find the traces of life of an extremely modest woman. From 1898 Wilhelmine Eveline Maria von Webenau (1875-1953) - called Vilma - studied with Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951), then 26 years old, as his first known private student. At his invitation she followed him around 1900 to Berlin, gave concerts in London, lived temporarily in Munich and then in Vienna, where she later died in oppressive poverty. Appreciated by Schönberg as a composer of her time, her name cannot be found in a single Schönberg biography as a student today. Put together piece by piece, the result is a picture with potential for greatness: more than 100 works by Vilma von Webenaus are still waiting to be discovered in Vienna! Here you'll find my latest finds in this forensic research. )