Jasmine Klewinghaus

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Company / Project:
Musikland Niedersachsen
Speaker/ Consultant | Employed
Musician | Freelancer


Federal State:
Lower Saxony

Work Experience:
5-7 years


Jasmine Klewinghaus is a musician, speaker and consultant at Musikland Niedersachsen, the networking and consulting institution for the professional music scene of Lower Saxony. She works closely with artists and the festival- & club scene in order to keep track of developments, to identify needs, to consult and to make appropriate offers available.  
Together with the band HAIÓN, she created a road movie in 2019 about sustainable touring and events that will be released in March 2020.  
Since 2019 she is furthermore a board member of Music Women Germany and is head of musicNDSwomen.

Business Tags:
artist & business development beratung composition diy dozentin festival förderung green events green touring livemusic moderation netzwerkarbeit project development project management speakerin sustainability touring as a mother

Art Tags:
ableton bass composer electronicmusic feminism house improvisation jazz lyricist percussion performance songwriting

Links & Work Samples:

( electro-pop , performance collective )

Musikland Niedersachsen
( Musikland Niedersachsen is a network and consultancy institution for the professional music scene of Lower Saxony )