Silvana Battisti

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Company / Project:
From Lo-Fi to Disco!
Labelmanager | Freelancer
Woog Riots
Musician | Freelancer


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Work Experience:
> 7 years


Silvana startet her musical carreer as singer and musician of German band Woog 
Riots. in 2004 she compiled and curated an international tribute sampler dedicated to 
Manchester's indie icons “The Fall” together with her band mates. Silvana manages 
all band related businesses as booking, label contact and general networking along 
with composing and playing live shows. Woog Riots electro flavoured three minute 
songs cover various phenomena of culture, pop and politics. Promotional tours to the 
USA, Great Britain, Finland, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands have been greeted 
with zealous reactions and a steady growth of followers on the underground network. 
'From LoFi to Disco!'. not only perfectly describes the building blocks of Woog Riots' 
musical world, but also supplies the name of the Independent label launched in 
2013. It is run by her and her band mate Marc Herbert. Executed with much drive 
and energy the label is specialized in releasing danceable electro indie, electro pop 
and music of like-minded friends.

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