Valeska Rautenberg

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Valeska Rautenberg
Singer/Composer/Pianist/Producer | Freelancer


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> 7 years


Weaving acoustic elements, storytelling vocals, and piano sounds into electronica and field recordings and thereby creating landscapes; traveling into Indie, Trip-Hop, instrumental Modern Classical and beyond.

Valeska is an indie musician, singer, composer, a voice-over actress, and a dedicated music teacher. Born in East Berlin to actor Klaus-Peter Thiele and painter Rosemarie Rautenberg, she grew up living and breathing creativity and has followed that path throughout her life. 
“Her music doesn’t follow any rules outside of her own inspiration, and so it happens that in the worlds she creates, the Cheshire Cat lives alongside the Steppenwolf.“ - Christian K.L. Fischer SCHALL. – Editor in Chief 

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