Elina Hage

Company / Project:
CEO | Freelancer
Neue Meister /Edel Germany
A&R Manager | Employed


Federal State:

Work Experience:
5-7 years


Sharing her enthusiasm for music has always been the mission of Elina Hage, which she has been pursuing professionally for over 10 years. Trained as a classical pianist, Elina’s passion for helping other artists succeed led her into various fields of the music business, from music journalism and teaching to Major and Indie labels such as Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music and Edel Germany.

Since 2016 she has been part of the NEUE MEISTER Team as A&R and Product Manager, building a label platform for the new generation of composers who do not limit themselves in terms of musical style or genre. In February 2019 she founded her Agency ARTIFIER MANAGEMENT, offering support systems and consultation for artists and event creators that are striving for a place in the new musical cosmos between Classical, Pop, Electronical and Jazz music.

Business Tags:
artist manager aundr consulting label