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RebelLog is a multi-artist - composer, singer, producer, and choreographer - originally from Rio de Janeiro and living in Frankfurt /Germany. RebelLog, alias Gilda Rebello, was a member of the project#AlienCafe (RoyalFlameMusic) and #TapeFive (ChinChinRecords)among many others. As a dancer, she was a guest of the legendary#PinaBausch Dance Co.For further details, please visit

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electronic experimental performerin soundartist tanz voice

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#afrobrazilian #afrotechnoid #musicforcontemporarydance #theatricalelectronicmusic

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( SONICA FLOWING 828 - Ep by RebelLog. This EP mainly aims to support contemporary dance pedagogy which focus on experimentation/improvisation. The constant flow of sonic changes intends to boost the perception of sound's spectrum as well as to stimulate an acoustic culture beyond the sonic mainstream market. In SONICA FLOWING 828 there is no beat exactly like the other, but rather a constant flow of evolving sonic inputs to move the inner and outer space of dancing bodies. RebelLog `s influences are very diverse: from techno to Afro Brazilian, from electronic experimental to traditional "bossa" - jazz. Mainly produced with analog synths, played by RebelLog, the compositions make use of improvisational phrases, polyrhythms, unexpected accents, loops, wide frequency shifts on the edge of being off tuned, some jazz melodies and voice without lyrics (except the phrase "Rainha do Mar") in order to inspire and expand the range of one 's creative movements. )

From Sicily2Rio In 8 by RebelLog
( From Sicily2Rio_In8 - 8 Min. 102 to 110 bpm 2nd part of the tiny electronic "Sicily Symphony". Dedicated to Rio Composed, played/sang and produced by #RebelLog From the album #MissRefu_G. #TheatricalElectronicMusic. Video/Conception/Edition: Gilda Rebello )

Miss Refu_G. Teaser live playing and Dancing
( I am really not a pianist, but I like playing "with" pianos. ;-) Here my song Miss Refugee. Composed, played/sang and produced by #RebelLog From the album #MissRefu_G. #TheatricalElectronicMusic. Video/Conception/Edition: Gilda Rebello/David Portner. Thx to #BallettamRhein and David #NoOneIsIlegal )