Joules Fuchs

© Oliver Biggs

Company / Project:
Joules the Fox
Sängerin, Songwriterin, Produzentin | Freelancer


Federal State:
Lower Saxony

Work Experience:
> 7 years

JOULES THE FOX is a wanderer: The last years she roamed through various countries playing, writing, singing. Her debut BLUE HOUR will take you with her to a little island at dawn, over to a windy city, down winding roads and up the hill to the fox’ burrow - where wild AVOCADO trees seem to grow! Joules is journeying with Guitar, Harmonizer and Looper - together as one they sing her songs and tell her tales. IndieFolkAmericanaPop - of growing up and growing apart, decisions and consequences, new beginnings and old friends. It’s easy to get lost in her music and the stories she paints. This Fox - with her voice of many colours, warmth and brilliance - stays in the ear and in the heart

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