Marlena Kreßin

© Johann Kreßin

Company / Project:
Marlena Käthe
Musician | Freelancer

Köln, Berlin

Federal State:
North Rhine-Westphalia

Work Experience:
1-3 years


Marlena Käthe 23 year old, Berlin raised, grows up in a theatre family. She spends her childhood on tour through Europe. This is where she first experiences how personal stories through art can become nourishment for the audience when it’s nucleus is authentic.
Marlena Käthe is performing with band, in a trio and solo. Her sounds varies between specific electronic noise scapes and warm acoustic guitars. Her music shapes the genre term Dark Folk. You might spot her origin in theatre in her lyrics which preferably are dealing with archaic topics like family, death and emancipation. Through all this Marlenas voice leads you through an ambivalence between grief and ease.
In October 2019 she starts her studies in songwriting at the HfMT Cologne. In 2020 she performed in the Pop Kultur Nachwuchs Stage and at the c/o Pop xoxo.  

Business Tags:
guitar independent music music programming pr singer-songwriter songwriting sängerin

Art Tags:
folk independent

Links & Work Samples:

Phyrrus Demo Version
( Demo of Single of the unpublished EP 'AGED' which will be released prospectively in Spring 2021. )