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Jolly Goods
musician | Freelancer
Angy Lord
musician, composer, producer | Freelancer


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> 7 years

Two Projects are important:

Angy Lord
is a soloproject of Angy Lord where she creates different sounds with multiple instruments mostly dark morbid songs on piano and organ. Soon there will be songs uploaded here:
but you can already listen to some songs here:


Jolly Goods is the other project where Angy Lord plays with her sister Tanno Pippi. They founded Jolly Goods in a basement in Rimbach, Odenwald (Germany) in 2003. Tanno Pippi sings, plays guitar, piano, and organ. Angy Lord plays drums, percussion, piano and sings backing vocals. Their music is inspired by Punk, Folk, Shoegaze, Riot Grrrl, Garage, Pop and Noise.

In 2007 they released their debut album „Her.Barium“ on the berlin-based label Louisville Records. It was recorded by Lolo Blümler and Hans Unstern and mixed by Moses Schneider and Tobias Levin. 2007 and 2008 Jolly Goods played concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Sweden (via Konzertagentur Berthold Seliger). Including appearances at Volksbühne in Berlin, Palladium in Cologne for WDR Rockpalast, Fleche dor in Paris (FR) and a Girls Rock Festival in Alexandria (Egypt). In 2010 they became part of the organization and bandcoaching team of Ruby Tuesday Rock Camp for girls, trans * and inter* in Berlin. In October 2010, Jolly Goods were part of the theatre rock opera „Peaches Does Herself“ by Peaches at HAU Berlin.

In November 2011, their second album „Walrus“ was released on the Berlin label staatsakt. Hans Unstern and Dirk von Lowtzow ( Tocotronic ) were co-producers. Moses Schneider designed the sound. The release was followed by a tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with two additional musicians (Simon Bauer & Hans Unstern), who played contrabass, organs and keyboards. Their self-made video for the single „Try“ won the third MuVi prize of „Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen“. In 2012 Jolly Goods played concerts in Canada and the USA. In 2013 they produced a sound piece for „Killjoys Kastle : A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House“, an art performance and installation project by canadian artist Allyson Mitchell in Toronto, where they performed with 40 other performers.

Their third album SLOWLIFE will be released in January 2020.

Tanno Pippi is also working as an artist, photographer and filmmaker ( ).

2011   Walrus doubleLP+CD (staatsakt.)
2008  Too Dumb To Love/The Boredom Song split 7inch (louisville rec.)
2007  Girl Move Away From Here/Fuck 7inch (louisville rec.)
2007  Her.barium LP+CD (lousiville rec.)

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