Bibi Rex

Company / Project:
Bibi Rex
DJane - Singer - Songwriter | Freelancer
Singer - Songwriter | Freelancer
BBR Design
Designer | Freelancer


Federal State:
Lower Saxony

Work Experience:
> 7 years


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Links & Work Samples:

( The song deals with the woman and her feminitity as a strong force an as a hunter who preys instead of being hunted. )

( The Lyrics was written by me and deals with the topic of depression and loneliness. The inner storm of emotion drags him onto the raging sea and into the emptiness of himself. )

Cover - Hurt
( Orig. by Johnny Cash )

Cover - River deep mountin high
( orig. Tina Turner )

Liveperformance [Rock]
( Just me on the stage, rocking my ass off )