Agathe Labus

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Aga Labus / Desirenen
Singer-Songwriter / Owner / Conductor / Choirmaster / Arrangeur | Freelancer


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> 7 years


I'm a polish-german Singer/Songwriter, born in Poland on November 7th in 1983. My parents escaped from the communist system in 1987 and started a new life in Germany. Singing and music touched me at my deepest core and expressing it was as healing and natural at the same time, as it was a necessity.
Singing in choirs from the age of 9, I started to experiment with rhyming and exploring sounds on the keyboard at the same age. At the age of 13 I taught myself how to play guitar, started to write songs and founded my first duo with a friend (Guitar, bass, vocals). I took drum lessons as a youngster, founded a band in which I played the drums. Still as a youngster, I played in various bands (vocals and/or drums), have had written already a bunch of songs, sang in diverse choirs and chose the path of being a musician. Two years learning full-time at a musical school made me a choirmaster and a professional rock/pop singer. Later on, I studied music on the University and own the degree of Bachelor of Music. I was playing with my original bands Kin Marrow (progressive-future-funk), Sonic Wall (progressive-rock), Hamus Hamalone (Urban Funk Rock), Josephine Smoker (Grunge/Soul), Areia (Latin-Jazz) and currently as Aga Labus with my loopstation.

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Links & Work Samples:

Oh Josephine
( Duo "Josephine Smoker"(with Julia Schell). Music, Words, voices and all instruments by us. )

( My latest single. )